Lucy Lawless as Lysia, in "Hercules and the Amazon Women"
Portrayed By Lucy Lawless
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Only Appearance "Hercules and the Amazon Women"
Gender Female
Residence The Amazon tribe near Gargarencia
Race Human (mortal)
Romances Zeus
Affiliations Hercules, Hippolyta, Zeus, Ilia, Jana, Amazons

Lysia was an Amazon in Queen Hippolyta's tribe. She had a sexual encounter with Zeus (in disguise as a mortal) when her tribe attacked Gargarencia. When Hercules was taken hostage she was mean and cruel to him but she softens after meeting Zeus.

Lysia was played by Lucy Lawless, who would eventually go on to play Xena. Lysia's ash-blond hair is Lawless's natural color, and Xena was made a brunette purely to differentiate the two. Lysia also has the dubious distinction of being the only woman Zeus has slept with on-camera.

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