Portrayed By Timothy Balme
Appearance Hercules in the Underworld
Affiliations Iole

Lycastus was in love with Iole. When Iole went on her mission to seduce Hercules, Lycastus followed her. He attacked Hercules but was knocked unconscious by the hero. Later, he intended to begin a family with Iole in Gryphon.



  • Lycastus was played by Timothy Balme
  • In Greek Mythology there were different people named Lycastus:
    • Lycastus, son of Minos I and Itone, husband of Ide, daughter of Corybas, and by her father of Minos II.[1]
    • Lycastus, twin brother of Parrhasius, whose parents were Ares and Phylonome, daughter of Nyctimus and Arcadia. Their mother was seduced by Ares in the guise of a shepherd; in fear of her father's wrath, she cast the newborn twins into the river Erymanthus. They did not drown and were washed into the hollow of an oak tree, where a she-wolf found and suckled them, giving up her own cubs. The twins were then adopted and raised by a shepherd named Tyliphus, and eventually succeeded to the throne of Arcadia. Their story is closely parallel, and is cited as such by Pseudo-Plutarch, to that of Romulus and Remus.[2]
    • Lycastus, lover of Eulimene, who unsuccessfully attempted to save his loved one from being sacrificed.[3]
    • Lycastus, an autochthon, eponym of the town Lycastus in Crete, which might as well have been named after the son of Minos.