Lucifer, later known as The Devil or Satan, was an archangel who became the King of Hell due to the machinations of Xena. (XWP: "Heart of Darkness") As killer of Mephistopheles Xena supposed to became the Queen of Hell herself, but she "helped" the very overconfident archangel Lucifer to make Seven Deadly Sins, making him Fall. It is possible that Michael had planned this to happen.

Background Edit

  • Lucifer was portrayed by Alex Mendoza in his first appearance, as both archangel and archdemon and Joel Tobeck in his second, as an archdemon only.
  • Lucifer is the name given to an ambiguous word in Latin translations of the Old Testament Book of Isaiah, which is rendered in Greek as "morning star". Over time, Lucifer/the morning star came to be understood as a fallen angel and later became equated with Satan (who although antagonistic, is not described as having fallen).



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