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Long Live the King
Long live king 05
Orestes Dies in Iolaus' Arms
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Season 3
Original Air-Date February 1, 1997
Written By Sonny Gordon and Patricia Manney
Directed By Timothy Bond
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode "The Lady and the Dragon"
Next Episode "Surprise"
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Long Live the King Title


Hercules and Iolaus are walking through the forest and are heading to Alcmene's house. Iolaus has just recieved a letter from Hector, the aide of King Orestes...calling for his support/help with King Orestes, Iolaus's cousin.
King Orestes is planning on making peace with the kingdoms in the area--one of them is the kingdom of Garantis, where they will talk to King Xenon, Hector is afraid that King Xenon will try to do something.

Hercules tells Iolaus that he must go and aks Iolaus if he should com along, but Iolaus says he can manage it himself.
Iolaus meets up with Hector and Linus and then with Niobe.

Xenon invites Orestes to the stag hunt where Hector, Linus and Niobe's fears turn out to be true; an assasin kills Orestes, but since Iolaus is there he immediately takes up the role.....and nobody notices a thing.

Xenon, Orestes/Iolaus, Niobe, and Hector proceed to the next kingdom as planned.
There they speak to King Phaedron and make peace with him...(who by the way acts crazy...but really isn't).

A little later King Xenon arrests Orestes/Iolaus for attempting to kill King Phaedron. He has 'proof because of King Orestes's arrow, which he had given him on the day of the hunt.

Queen Niobe goes to Phaedron's wife Queen Uriana, who knows that he is inocent and arrranges for Orestes/Iolaus to get out of jail.
Meanwhile several of the other kings have arrived with Xenon to greet them (Iolaus suspects he will try to kill them).

Xenon tries to kill Orestes/Iolaus when he comes out but instead gets killed as well, with the rest believing that Orestses indeed is dead.

Taking this oppurtunity, Iolaus says goodbye to Niobe and heads back to Alcmene's place where Hercules is...working. He gives him a hand and Hercules comments "It's good to have you back Iolaus".


"No Stags were bagged during the production of this motion picture."


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