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Calydon 15
Portrayed By Emma Turner
Appearance "The Road to Calydon"
Affiliations Zeus
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Leucosia was a resident of the village of Parthus. She was beloved by Zeus who gifted her a golden chalice. In jealousy, Hera cursed Parthus and turned Leucosia into a dog. Leucosia lived alone in Parthus as a dog until a group of homeless villagers attempted to settle there. Finding the village cursed, the villagers left, led by Hercules, to re-settle in the charmed city of Calydon. At this point, Leucosia left Parthus as well and became a traveling companion of the blind seer, Tiresias.

Leucosia (Greek: Λευκοσια), pronounced "Lefkosia" in modern Greek, is the local name of the capital of Cyprus.


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