Labyrinth of the Gods
Labyrinth Gods Surprise
Hercules and Callisto arrive at the labyrinth, in "Surprise"
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Xena: Warrior Princess
First Appearance "Surprise" (HTLJ)
Last Appearance "A Necessary Evil" (XWP)
Location Greece
Inhabitants Briefly Callisto

The Labyrinth of the Gods was a large and bewidlering maze, full of mythical beings and traps, that was created by the Olympians to protect the Tree of Life, which grew Golden Apples.

Hercules was forced to join with Callisto to find the labyrinth, after she had poisoned his friends and family and was in need of the Golden Apples. Callisto also wanted the apples to become an immortal. They had to answer a riddle before they were admitted to the labyrinth. They managed to get to them, but a fight ensued between the two, which resulted in Callisto becoming trapped in the now-dilapidated labyrinth.

Xena and Gabrielle came here to rescue Callisto, in hopes that she help them defeat Velasca. She agreed once she learnt that she was in possession of Ambrosia.


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  • The sculpture at the top of the entrance to the labyrinth was originally seen as the headpiece for Megolith 2 in "Doomsday."

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