Cronus tomb
Series XWP
Gender Male
Also Known As God of Time
King of the Titans
King of the Gods
Cause of Death Stabbed with the Rib of Kronos
Killed By Zeus
Romances Rhea
Affiliations Titans
Mother Gaea
Father Uranus
Brother(s) Oceanus
Sister(s) Rhea
Son(s) Cheiron
Daughter(s) Hestia
Celesta ?
Other Family Antaeus (half-brother+ grandson by Gaea and Poseidon)
Helios (nephew by Hyperion and Theia)
Amphitrite (neice by Oceanus and Tethys)
Tabor (grandson by Cheiron)
Polyphemus (grandson by Poseidon)
Triton (grandson by Amphitrite and Poseidon)
Nautica (great-granddaughter by Triton)
Iolaus II (great-grandson-in-law by Nautica)
Persephone (granddaughter by Demeter and Zeus)
Discord (granddaughter by Zeus and Hera)
Strife (great-grandson by Discord)
Ares (grandson by Zeus and Hera)
Hephaestus (grandson by Zeus and Hera)
Aphrodite (granddaughter by Zeus and Hera)
Deimos (great-grandson by Ares and Aphrodite)
Cupid (great-grandson by Aphrodite and Hephaestus)
Psyche (great-granddaughter-in-law by Cupid)
Holidus (grandson-in-law by Psyche)
Bliss (great-great-grandson by Cupid and Psyche)
Deon (great-grandson by Aphrodite and Jacobus)
Jacobus ("grandson-in-law"/father of Deon)
(geat-great granddaughter by Hermes and Aphrodite)
Hermes (grandson by Zeus)

Kronos was the powerful King of the Titans. He was deeply honored by all of the other Titans, including his brother Hyperion. (XWP: "The Titans") He also had power over time. (HTLJ: "The End of the Beginning")

Kronos gained more power by killing his own father Uranus (HTLJ: "Reunions"). He did so by removing one of his ribs and piercing the heavens. (XWP: "God Fearing Child") One of Kronos's acts as King of the Titans was to create the Abyss of Tartarus. (HTLJ: "Full Circle") Kronos's rule was later considered a Golden Age. A temple honoring Kronos, the Temple of Kronos, was built during this age. (XWP: "The Titans")

When his son Zeus tried to usurp his power, Kronos called forth all the Titans into a war council, in which he appointed Atlas as his field general. (XWP: "The Titans") In order to destroy Kronos once and for all, Zeus found the rib of Kronos. (XWP: "God Fearing Child") With it, Zeus was able to kill Kronos and became the King of the Gods. (HTLJ: "Reunions")

After his death, Kronos was sent to the abyss of Tartarus, where he was tied for all eternity. (HTLJ: "Reunions") Kronus' body was buried deep in a hidden forest. (XWP: "God Fearing Child").

Kronos is the brother/husband of Rhea, and brother of Oceanus, Tethys, Hyperion, Theia, Crius, Mnemosyne, Iapetus, Coeus, Phoebe, and Themis.

Kronos is also the father of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, Hestia, and Cheiron.

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