Portrayed By Grant Heslov
Appearance "Monster Child in the Promised Land"
Affiliations Typhon, Echidna, Obstetrius
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Klepto wanted to work for the warlord, Bluth. He failed Bluth in an assignment where he was working with horses but the warlord gave him another chance. When Echidna and Typhon sent a birth announcement to Hercules and Iolaus regarding their baby Obie, Klepto overheard and picked Iolaus's pocket to get the announcement. He took it to Echidna and told her that Hercules had sent him in his stead. When Echidna and Typhon were lulled into a false sense of security, Klepto kidnapped Obie to give to Blithe so he could be trained as an evil monster.

During the time Klepto and Obie spent together they grew fond of one another. After Obie was rescued, Klepto apologized for the kidnapping and Echidna let him be Obie's babysitter.


  • In Greek, kléptō (κλέπτω) means “I steal” and is the root of the word "kleptomania", a psychiatric disorder associated with compulsive theft.


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