Portrayed By Barry Duffield
Appearance "Hercules on Trial"
Affiliations Galea
Galea's Daughter
Galea's Son
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Cause of Death Cave-in

Kazankis was a farmer who was married to Galea. Together they had a son and daughter. Kazankis met Hercules when the hero was saving some local villagers. The meeting changed his life and Kazankis was no longer interested in farming. He began traveling the area, claiming to be Hercules and performing acts of heroism. When Marcenea's children were trapped in a mine, Kazankis (posing as Hercules) went to help rescue them. He was able to help save the children, but in the process, he was killed.

Shortly thereafter, Hercules was prosecuted for the murder of Kazankis by Spencius. After a trial, Hercules was proven innocent.


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