Katherine in "Porkules"
Portrayed By Alexandra Tydings
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "Porkules"
Last Appearance "One Fowl Day"
Gender Female
Status Alive
Race Pig, Mortal
Romances Hercules
Affiliations Aphrodite

Katherine was a young pig who left home because she felt her parents didn't understand her. She was captured by a Butcher who also captured Hercules after Discord had transformed him into a pig. While in the slaughterhouse, Hercules convinced Katherine that her parents were probably worried about her. He promised her he wouldn't let anything happen to her. They were both rescued by Autolycus and Iolaus. After Hercules' human form was restored, he and Katherine departed for her home (HTLJ "Porkules").

On the way back to her home, Katherine confided to Hercules that it was her one true wish to become human. When Hercules told this to Aphrodite the goddess used Artemis' Bow to turn Katherine into a human resembling herself. When Katherine realized none of her animal friends would recognize her as a human she asked to be turned back (HTLJ "One Fowl Day").



  • Katherine's voice as a pig was provided by Alexandra Tydings who also played the human Katherine.

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