Portrayed By Matthew Chamberlain
Series HTLJ
Also Known As Karkus
"Butcher of Thessaly"
Cause of Death Sliced by Giant Fan
Killed By Iolaus
Affiliations Lost City, Re-Education Room, Assistant, Thessaly

Kamaros was a master at manipulating light to control people's minds. He created an underground "Lost City" and abducted people whom he turned into slaves to mine gold for him. Using his tricks of light coupled with a diet of Lotus Leaf, Kamaros was able to make almost anyone do his bidding.

Iolaus eventually recognized Kamaros' true identity was Karkus, also known as the "Butcher of Thessaly." After his true identity was revealed, Kamaros gave up on the idea of his "Lost City" and started off a mechanism which caused the underground city to collapse. In a fight with Iolaus, Kamaros was killed.



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