Kaleipus in "Orphan of War"
Portrayed By Paul Gittins
Jeff Boyd
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
First Appearance "Orphan of War"
Last Appearance "Past Imperfect"
Cause of Death Stabbed
Killed By Hope
Affiliations Solan, The Centaurs, Borias, Xena, Battle of Corinth
Son(s) Solan (Adopted, referred to as his Nephew)

Kaleipus was a recurring character on Xena: Warrior Princess.


He was a noble Centaur, as well as good friend of Tildus. They led the Centaurs against Xena and her army in the great Battle of Corinth. Borias sided with the Centaurs and helped him and Tildus fight against Xena. When he died, Xena gave a newborn Solan to him to raise away from violence.

When Xena did later return to the Centuar village, Kaleipus trusted Xena to battle against Dagnine, as he realised that she had changed. When she was reunited with her son, he did not know that she was his mother: in fact, Kaleipus had told him that she had killed his father Borias. During the events of "Orphan of War", Solan grew close to Xena and it was revealed that she did not kill Borias.

A year later, Kaleipus invited Xena and Gabrielle to the Centaur treaty. Xena was reunited with Solan and Gabrielle was also inconveniently reunited with her daughter Hope, who had released Callisto from her eternal imprisonment. When it is revealed that Callisto wishes to kill all the children of the Centaur village, including Solan, Xena, Gabrielle and Kaleipus hide them. Kaleipus found Hope in a cave. Thinking she was a child, he tried to get her to hide. Hope used her telekinesis to hurl a sword into his chest. He was met by Xena and Gabrielle, moments before he died. After his death, Solan said that he wished to live and travel with someone that he cared about, which was Xena. As it seemed that Kaleipus' death would be the make of Xena and Solan's relationship, Hope killed him before they could depart.

He was played by Paul Gittins in "Orphan of War" and "Past Imperfect", & Jeff Boyd in "Maternal Instincts".


  • The reason for Kaleipus wearing a patch over his left eye was due to a dagger that Xena threw at Borias, which he deflected with his sword and hit Kaleipus.


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