Jett in "The King of Assassins"
Portrayed By Ted Raimi
Created By Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Only Appearance "The King of Assassins"
Gender Male
Status Alive
Residence Olympic Street, Athens, Greece
Race Human (mortal)
Affiliations Joxer, Jace, Cleopatra, Autolycus
Father Unknown (deceased, mentioned)
Brother(s) Joxer
Other Family Meg (sister-in-law)
Virgil (nephew)
Theon (nephew)
Kara (niece)
Jack Kleinman (distant relative)
Ted (distant relative)

Jett was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. He was a highly-skilled assassin and triplet brother of Joxer and Jace. He was much more capable in a fight, unlike his brothers. He seemed to prefer Joxer and Jace seemed to have a better relationship than with their other brother. He teased Joxer when he was younger, often picking on him. Jett seemed to follow in the footsteps of his father, in the sense that he was handy with a sword and led a life of crime.

He teamed up with Autolycus to steal a sword that would be used to assassinate Cleopatra. However, Autolycus backed out when he discovered that he was planning to kill Cleopatra. He tried to inform Xena of his plan, but she wasn't around and had to ask Gabrielle and Joxer (who knew him better than anyone) for help. They managed to sneak into the castle and came close to stopping him, but they were thrown in jail for attempting to break in. Joxer tried to talk Jett out of it, but he didn't listen. Xena did eventually show up and foil Jett's attempt. Jett informed Joxer that he was going to be put in prison at Miramus, which is where their father is being held.

He presumably escaped from prison some time after, due to Ravenica's bounty sheet and even mistaking Joxer for him (which Joxer states happens all the time).

Background InformationEdit

  • Ted Raimi also plays Jett's brothers, Joxer and Jace.
  • The Joxer family may be based on the Booth family, the parallels are:
    • Joxer and Junius Brutus Booth both are overshadowed by their renowned brothers: Junius Booth was even overshadowed by his famous actor wife (this could be reflected by how Joxer is overshadowed by his own wife Meg)
    • Jett and John Wilkes Booth both are infamous assassins
    • Jace and Edwin Booth are very famous entertainers, Edwin Booth is still remembered as probably the best Hamlet in American history and comemorated in dedications and statues


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