Ixion's Stone
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Appearance "Orphan of War"

Ixion's Stone (Often referred to as "The Ixion Stone") is an ancient relic that contains Ixion's wicked creation. When Ixion created the Centaur race, he had the choice to make them good or evil. He chose to make them good and disposed the wicked by forging it into the stone. Whoever had this stone, had control of Ixion's wicked creation.

This artifact was sought after by Xena, in order to fufill Alti's prophecies. The Centaurs attempted to stop Xena from searching for the stone, which started the infamous Battle of Corinth.

Years after the Battle, Dagnine, Xena's ex right-hand man found the stone and became Ixion's wicked creation - A hideous, but super-powered Centaur.

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