Portrayed By Mark Newnham
Series HTLJ
Cause of Death Unknown
Affiliations Anuket
Rameses III
Other Family Rameses III (descendant)
Anuket (descendant)

The Mummy of Ishtar was a long-dead ruler of Egypt. Princess Anuket claimed to be a direct descendant of Ishtar. The Mummy was removed from his tomb and transported to Greece where Salmoneus purchased it to be an exhibit in his House of Horrors. The Mummy was cursed, however and it came back to "life" to seek out human souls to feed upon. The Egyptian priest, Sokar had designs on becoming Pharaoh of Egypt and using Ishtar's mummy to keep himself in power. However, the plan backfired when Ishtar stole Sokar's life-force, killing the priest. Hercules and Anuket were able to defeat the Mummy using the Ankh it was buried with.

Ishtar was the name of the Babylonian goddess of war and sex, and was not a common name in Ancient Egypt.


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