Iole 02
Portrayed By Marlee Shelton
Appearance Hercules in the Underworld
Affiliations Lycastus
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Iole was a Neurian Maiden from the town of Gryphon. She came to find Hercules when a hole to the Underworld opened in Gryphon. She was sent to seduce him since it was believed that her powers as a Neurian Maiden could not be refused and Hercules would have no choice but to help. Hercules saw right through Iole and remained faithful to Deianeira, but resolved to help the townspeople anyway.

After Hercules delay with the rift to the Underworld, Iole was reunited with her lover Lycastus. She planned to renounce her status as a Neuron Maiden and start family with him.

Mythologial basisEdit

  • Iole was the daughter of Eurytus, king of the city Oechalia. According to the brief epitome by the so-called Apollodorus, Eurytus had a beautiful young daughter named Iole who was eligible for marriage. Iole was claimed by Herakles for a bride, but Eurytus refused her hand in marriage. Iole was indirectly the cause of Heracles's death because of Deianira's jealousy of her; it was that jealousy which led Deianira to smear Nessus's blood on Heracles's shirt. On his deathbed, Herakles asked his eldest son Hyllus to marry Iole.