Portrayed By Mervyn Smith
Appearance HTLJ "Love Takes a Holiday"
Affiliations Hephaestus
Series HTLJ
Cause of Death Burned in Forge
Killed By Iolaus

Iagos was the messenger of Hephaestus as was his father before him. He was a master manipulator who tricked Hephaestus into believing he was his only and most loyal friend. In truth, he hated his job and only stayed, because he coveted many of the weapons in the forge. Likewise, he tricked the village of Syllabus into thinking that the benevolent god of fire was wrathful and ready to smite them on a whim. Iagos threatened them with Hephaestus' curse if Leandra would not marry the god.

Iagos was accidentally killed when he fell into Hephaestus' forge during a fight between Iolaus and the Armour of Hephaestus.

Background Edit

  • Iagos was named for Shakespeare's greatest traitor, Iago from Othello.


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