Appearance "The Titans"
Affiliations Titans
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Cause of Death Turned into Stone

Hyperion was a Titan. He was one of the many titans turned to stone when the Olympians won the war against them ages ago. Hyperion was released by Gabrielle centuries later. He showed immediate interest in renewing his relationship with Theia and did not like the idea of spending his time assisting humans, having a low opinion of them. He later killed his brother Crius during a disagreement over humans and was eventually turned back to stone by Gabrielle. Hyperion was the father of three children Helios, Selene and Eos.


  • Hyperion was played by Mark Raffety
  • Mythologically, Hyperion was the father of Helios. His name seems to mean "sun-high one" and he might have been the titan of light and watchfulness, though as with most of the titans, little is actually known of him.

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