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Hippolyta in "Hercules and the Amazon Women"
Portrayed By Roma Downey
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Xena: Warrior Princess
Only Appearance The Thief of Hermes (XWP)
First Appearance Hercules and the Amazon Women (HTLJ)
Last Appearance "The Trial of Hercules Part 1" (HTLJ)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Residence Athens, previously City of Amazon
Race Human (mortal)
Also Known As Hippolyte, Amazon Queen
Romances Hercules, Theseus
Affiliations Hercules, Lysia, Ilia, Jana, Amazons
Son(s) Hippolytus

Queen Hippolyta was a devout follower of her grandmother Hera and leader of the Amazon tribe near Gargarencia. She believed that men were hardened creatures who could never learn to respect women. Hera ordered her to kill Hercules but when Hercules began to show that men could be different, Hippolyta fell in love with him and disobeyed the goddess and slept with Hercules. For this, Hera took over Hippolyta's body and began a battle with Hercules. When Hercules revealed his love for Hippolyta and refused to kill her, Hera threw Hippolyta over a waterfall, killing her. She was later resurrected when Zeus helped Hercules to go back in time.[1]

"Hippolyte, Wild-Eyed Queen of the Amazons" was later listed as one of Hercules' "Twelve Labors" by Salmoneus in an exaggeration of his life story.[2]

Hippolyta would go on to marry King Theseus of Athens, leaving the Amazons to become Queen of Athens and giving birth to Theseus' heir, Prince Hippolytus. She aided Xena and Gabrielle in taking back the Palace of Athens after Mesmer put Theseus into a deep sleep.[3].


  • Although Hercules mused that he might seek out Hippolyta in the new timeline, he was never observed to do so.
  • In some myths, Hippolyta was the daughter of Ares. This was never stated in Hercules and the Amazon Women however.
  • In the original myths, Herakles's Ninth Labor was to acquire the girdle of Hippolyta (originally simply an indicator of her status, but given supernatural powers in later versions). Interestingly, Hippolyta is never counted as one of Herakles's lovers.



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