Hemnor in "Encounter"
Portrayed By David Mackie
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "Encounter"
Last Appearance "Stranger and Stranger"
Gender Male
Residence Cyrenia
Race Mortal

Hemnor was a villager from Cyrenia who came to find Hercules for help when men from his village were being killed by the last Golden Hind. He cared for Iolaus after the hero was wounded by a poisoned arrow shot by the Hind (HTLJ "Encounter").

Hemnor worked with Hercules and Iolaus to raise a village water cistern. He was present when Hercules discovered he could no longer lift the cistern after he traded his strength to the gods so he could marry Serena (HTLJ "When a Man Loves a Woman").

Hemnor told Hercules that he and his people were grateful for all the assistance the hero had given Cyrenia but that Hercules did not owe them anything. Hercules responded that he and Serena had been so happy in their brief life in Cyrenia that he was happy to spend time there (HTLJ "The End of the Beginning").




Hemnor was played by David Mackie.

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