Helios in "Full Circle"
Portrayed By Phil Grieve
Series HTLJ
Only Appearance "Full Circle"
Gender Male
Race Titan, God
Mother Theia
Father Hyperion
Sister(s) Eos, Selene

Helios was the titanic incarnation of the Sun. He was freed from Tartarus by Evander and was later duped into assisting Ares.

This article is a stub, or very short article, that is most likely incomplete and needs expansion.



  • Helios was played by Phil Grieve
  • In mythology, Helios is the son of Hyperion and Theia, and the brother of Selene (the moon) and Eos (the dawn). Helios and his siblings were counted as gods and not titans. It was Helios's task to drive the solar chariot across the sky, making him the physical incarnation of the sun, although he was technically subordinate to Apollo.

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