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Hector in "Long Live the King"
Portrayed By Derek Payne
First Appearance HTLJ "King For a Day"
Last Appearance HTLJ "Long Live the King"
Gender Male
Residence Attica
Race Mortal
Affiliations Orestes, Linus, Illegibus

Hector was the loyal head of guards for King Oeneus of Attica. After the king's death, he served his son, Orestes. Just before Orestes was to be proclaimed king, a plot against him was uncovered and Hector asked Orestes' cousin, Iolaus, to temporarily take his place. Together, they were able to prevent Orestes from being killed by his younger brother, Minos (HTLJ "King For A Day").

About a year later, Hector accompanied Orestes on a trip to propose peace to the neighbouring kings. Orestes was killed on the orders of King Xenon and Hector asked Iolaus to take his cousin's place once more. Hector's cousin, Illegibus, helped them to expose King Xenon (HTLJ "Long Live the King").


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