Head Archer
Archer 1
Head Archer in "The Mother of All Monsters"
Portrayed By Rebecca Clark
Series HTLJ
First Appearance "The Mother of All Monsters"
Last Appearance "Monster Child in the Promised Land"
Gender Female
Affiliations Hera, Echidna

Hera's Head Archer was summoned by Echidna to assist in a revenge plot to kill Hercules and Alcmene. She and her sister archers worked with Demetrius to lure Hercules into Echidna's trap. She shot Hercules with an arrow forged by Hephaestus but the hero survived. Iolaus discovered that if one cuts the archer's bow string, the archer disappears (HTLJ "The Mother of All Monsters").

She was later tasked with going to Echidna and Typhon to retrieve their newborn baby Obie. Hera wanted to train Obie to become a vicious killer. When the parents refused, the Archer worked with the warlord Bluth to try to kidnap Obie. They were defeated by Hercules and Iolaus (HTLJ "Monster Child in the Promised Land").


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