Xena battles Grindl
Portrayed By Glen Levy
First Appearance XWP "The Rheingold"
Last Appearance XWP "The Ring"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Residence Norseland
Cause of Death Chakram plunged into his stomach
Killed By Xena
Mother Grinhilda
Father Odin (possibly)

Grindl or Grendel was the son of the Valkyrie Grinhilda. Grinhilda was pregnant when she was transformed into a monster by putting on the Rheingold Ring. Grindl was born after Xena trapped Grinhilda in an abandoned mine. He lived there for about 35 years with his mother – the curse of the Ring had afflicted him in utero and he was thus born a hideous monster. He learned to forsake love and was able to harness the power of the Ring, enabling him to escape and slaughter many people before Xena, with the help of Gabrielle, Beowulf and Brunhilda, was able to kill him. While examining his corpse, however, Xena, who had assumed Grinhilda has simply broken free, realized the truth, and warned the others that something worse was coming.

As Xena feared, Grindl's death sent his mother into a rage, and she teamed up with Odin to defeat Xena, but after she was cured, Grinhilda seemed to forgive Xena for killing her son. Most infer that Grindl's father was the god Odin because Grinhilda had been Odin's lover, but this was never explicitly confirmed.

The Grindl



  • Grindl and his mother originate from the epic Anglo-Saxon poem, Beowulf.
  • The typically accepted modern English spelling is "Grendel", but it seems the writers decided to make the name seem more Norse.

Similarities to Hope and the Destroyer Edit

Grindl and Grinhilda's relationship resembles that of Hope & The Destroyer in many ways:

  • Hope and Grinhilda are both blonde mortals
  • Both of them give birth to hideous huge monsters
  • Both Grindl and the Destroyer care deeply for their mothers
  • Both of their fathers are Gods