Graegus in "Unchained Heart"
First Appearance HTLJ "The Vanishing Dead"
Last Appearance HTLJ "Unchained Heart"
Affiliations Ares

Graegus, the Dog of War is Ares's favorite pet.

Ares once began a war in Tantalus and allowed Graegus to steal and feed upon the bodies of the dead soldiers. Hercules and Iolaus were able to trap Graegus in a cave and when they defeated Ares, Graegus disappeared in flames. (HTLJ "The Vanishing Dead").

Graegus was next put under the care of a resurrected Darphus by Ares and the Blue Priest so that he could assist in a plot to kill Hercules. (HTLJ "The Gauntlet") Darphus fed many prisoners and warriors to Graegus. With each kill, Graegus grew larger. Eventually, Darphus hoped he would get so large he could be used to take over the world. Hercules and Xena teamed up and managed to defeat Darphus, feeding the warlord to Graegus. After that, Graegus was destroyed by flames. (HTLJ "Unchained Heart")




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