Grae Burton

Grae Burton

Grae Burton (born 1976) has worked as a theatre professional for over 15 years and is currently Artistic Director of Nelson's Independent Theatre and Arts Centre and in 2008 completed a 5 year contract as Artistic Director for Will Power Productions, creators of Nelson’s (New Zealand) annual Summer Shakespeare Season. He is also currently Editor in Chief for ChannelN, Nelson's video heritage archive.

Burton holds a Bachelor in Performing and Screen Arts Specializing in Directing and Writing for Stage and Screen and a Diploma in Performing Arts specializing in Experimental and Physical Theatre. He has written over 30 plays including Missing Miss Christie (2008), Free Load (2006, revised 2008) Castaways Song (2002), Made In Transit (2004) and Era and the Kaitiaki (2003). He has directed many full scale theatrical productions including Grease The Musical, Seussical The Musical, Charlotte's Web, Homer's The Odyssey, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, As you Like It, Twelfth Night, Spreading Out, Joyful and Triumphiant, Copacabana and Much Ado About Nothing .

Burton made two appearances in the Xenaverse. First, he played a crewmember in HTLJ "Descent" and then he appeared as Castor in the Young Hercules episode "Winner Take All". He was one of the original puppeteers and bluescreen mask testers for Peter Jackson's The Frighteners.

Burton is also an experienced visual artist and designer, specializing in graphic work, stage, lighting and sound design for theatre. He also has specialist skills in puppeteering and mask performance.