Portrayed By Brian Thompson
Series HTLJ
Romances Elora
Affiliations Bledar
Brother(s) Bledar

Goth was a ruthless Barbarian. He and his brother, Bledar, commanded a group of Barbarians who terrorized the island of Naxos for at least two years. He was wanted for his crimes in Athens. Hercules and Iolaus apprehended him after he killed Argeas. They took him to an abandoned fortress and there, withstood a brief siege led by Bledar. At the fortress, Goth encountered Elora, a woman he had a brief relationship with when he first arrived on Naxos. He tried to get Elora to help him escape but she realized the abusive nature of the relationship she had with Goth and instead helped Hercules and Iolaus defend the fortress and escape with Goth so the Barbarian could be taken to Athens to stand trial.


  • He seems to be based on Attila the Hun. His brother Bledar seems to be based on Bleda, Attila's brother.



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