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This article is about the three Goddesses. For the Xena: Warrior Princess episode of the same name, see The Furies (episode).

The Furies were recurring characters on Xena: Warrior Princess. There were three furies: Alecto (Their leader), Megaera and Tisiphone, who represented Hatred, Jealousy and Murder respectivley. Though only Alecto was distinctivley named during their screen time, fans consider the furies to be as such from left to right (see picture): Megaera, Alecto, Tisiphone.


Xena's Bounty and MadnessEdit

The Furies are first seen dancing for Ares in a ritualistic manner. He is able to charm Alecto into deeming Xena guilty of neglecting to punish the death of her father. They force Xena to bring her mother Cyrene to their temple, where they are tricked by Xena and Cyrene into thinking Ares is Xena's father. They leave, informing Ares that the other Gods will hear of his misuse of their powers.

The Twilight of the GodsEdit

Later, Athena summoned the Furies in order to use them against Xena and Gabrielle in hopes that it would stop the Twilight of the Gods. The Furies went inside of Gabrielle's head, taunting her with images of Hope and Joxer until she succumbs to madness and stabs Xena's daughter Eve. After their job was completed, they left Gabrielle's mind and returned to Mount Olympus. (Originally, when they left Gabrielle's head they stayed in the tavern, invisible. Xena sensed them and managed to hit Megaera in the stomach with her sword, and to hit both Tisisphone and Alecto with her Chakram).

Their DeathsEdit

However, after the deaths of the other gods, the Furies decided they would rule mankind themselves. They disguised themselves as Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve, and psychologically tortured a now-mortal Ares, pitting him against the Amazons. After driving Ares insane and forcing him to supposedly kill Xena, the Furies were killed by the chakram, which had been used by Xena moments before.


Memorable QuotesEdit

"Oh demons of the soul,
Over Xena's reason roll,
Replace sanity's sweet illusion,
With the poison of delusion,
To Xena's head do not be kind,
For it's your job to make her lose her mind."

- Alecto casting Madness upon Xena


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