Portrayed By David Taylor
Appearance Hercules and the Amazon Women
Affiliations Gargarencians, Megara, Pithus
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Franco was the son of the Gargarencian man Pithus and the Amazon woman Megara. He lived in Gargarencia with his father.

History Edit

Franco was born to Megara, an Amazon by Pithus, a man from Gargarencia. As with Amazon customs, Franco was given after birth to be raised by his father along with all the other male children. Up to Hercules' arrival, Franco had never met his mother, but had been told about her by his father.

During the Amazons' "attack" on Gargarencia, Pithus took this opportunity to introduce Franco to his mother, and the three spent the night together. Megara was pleased by the reunion, telling Pithus that he raised Franco well.

When a Hera possessed Hippolyta lead a deadly attack on Gargarencia, Pithus runs after her as she fights Hercules, leading to his fathers death. Hearing of his father's death, a saddened Franco hugs his mother.

With Zeus reversing time to when Pithus seeks Hercules out, it can be presumed that Pithus is still alive, and worked for Gargarencia and the Amazons to make a new future together.

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