Series Young Hercules
Season 1
In-Universe Date Year -10
Original Air-Date 3 October 1998
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 13 of 50
Order in Season 13 of 50
Order in Franchise 172 of 304
Previous Episode in Series "Battle Lines: Part 2"
Next Episode in Series "No Way Out"
Previous Episode in Franchise "Battle Lines: Part 2"
Next Episode in Franchise "Descent"
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Tired of being teased by his friends, and called a 'wet blanket', Hercules asks the fire in the Olympian Forge to make him be more like his father, Zeus. Iolaus and Jason are pleased with the new Hercules who is the life of the party until pleasure turns to pain when the fire locked inside of Hercules threatens to incinerate him.

Jason realizes the change in Hercules must have something to do with Hephaestus. He calls Hephaestus who appears. He asks Hephaestus what happened to Hercules. Hephaestus is confused, until Lilith mentions that "it's like he has a fire inside him" Hephaestus mentions the Olympian Forge and how the gods can use it to change themselves, but since Hercules is half mortal, it could kill him.

Jason, Iolaus, Lililth, and Hephaestus, track down Hercules. Jason throws Iolaus into the lake. He knows that Hercules will save Iolaus and the hold of the fire will be gone. As Iolaus calls for help Hercules battles with himself. The old Hercules wins, and he jumps in the lake to save his friend. Jason says he knew Hercules would try to save Iolaus if he thought he couldn't swim and drowning. Iolaus says he can't swim.

The guys and Lilith return to the Academy. Hephaestus vanishes.

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