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For Those of You Just Joining Us

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For Those of You Just Joining Us
For those 03
The Sweat Lodge
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Season 5
Antagonist B.S. Hollinsfoffer / Sunny Day
Setting 1999
Original Air-Date January 4, 1999
Written By Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci
Directed By Bruce Campbell
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode Darkness Rising
Next Episode "Let There Be Light"
Title Image
For those title

Studio head B.S. Hollinsfoffer is not pleased with the current direction of the series. At risk of being canceled, Rob Tapert takes his dysfunctional team on a corporate retreat to Camp Wannachuck in order to think up new story ideas. Kevin Sorbo (secretly the still-alive Hercules) also goes and provides a number of ideas (all secretly his own adventures). Unfortunately, someone at the camp is trying to kill all of them. Kevin has to protect his friends and figure out who is behind the plot – all while trying to maintain his secret.


For those 01

Ares visits "Kevin Sorbo"

For those 02

Killing Iolaus--Acme-Style

For those 04

Hercules' spiritual side

For those 05

Hercules in Ireland: That's chic

For those 06

Campfire Stories

For those 07

Sunny Day un-masked

B.S. Hollinsfoffer is reviewing a HTLJ episode (One Fowl Day ) and is remarking how bad the production has been and he wants more adventure, romance, and Salmoneous, otherwise their show will be scrapped and then proceeds to throw Robert Tapert out of the office.

Tapert then tells Melissa & Liz, to call the crew...this is an 'emergency'.

Turns out, he's calling them all out to go on a week-long retreat at Camp Wannachuck, meanwhile Kevin Sorbo/Hercules has just pushed Ares out of his car.

At the camp, the leader introduces herself as Sunny Day and talks about what the camp will do to encourage co-operation, but just then a 'fight' breaks out with Jerry threatening to kill Tapert, Paul trying to hold him back, and Melissa & Liz pushing Tapert towards him (to get killed) but Sunny day comes between them all pushing them apart and then tells them about their first activity-- a good producer must trust his employees, so he has to fall off the edge of a table and his employees will all catch him so doesn't break something.....he finally does so and just at the last moment all the crewmembers withdraw their hands (intentionally) and he falls down and is presumable knocked unconscious, but just after Paul takes his money, he wakes with a 'vision' for the new season...kill off which Liz sarcastically remarks how original that idea is, they've only killed him twice already.

Paul freaks out and just then Kevin/Hercules arrives and Paul tells him everything but Kevin/Hercules blurts that Iolaus lived to be a hundred, to which Tapert asks what he's talking about, then Kevin brushes it aside...and says if Iolaus has to die...again...then let it be in a heroic way that we the show... and suggests the Gilgamesh storyline.

The crew gets so emotional and they all love it. Just then Sunny Day arrives and asks if anyone's's time for lunch.

Just then we see poison being poured in the stew (Hera's theme playing in the background) and then Sunny Day carries it away, with the fearsome-looking cook Norma Bates onlooking (note that Sunny Day is humming the Xena theme song as she takes the pot out!) as the plates are being passed around, Kevin/Hercules feigns over-enthusiasm at the prospect of food and drops his hands on the table, which breaks and all the dishes come crashing they can't eat that anymore, to which Kevin/Hercules 'apologizes' and Sunny Day goes to shake his hand because he took responsibility for his fault.

Next is the sweat lodge, they are discussing more ideas, Kevin/Hercules suggests the Celtic storyline and once again they all love it, then suddenly the door is barred/locked from the outside...locking them all in the sweat lodge, Kevin/Hercules then creates a distraction and gives the door a hard swift push and it falls out, to which he makes it look like it was just a weak door.

After they get out they are all sitting around the fire engrossed in their own thoughts, Paul is scared witless that someone is trying to kill them, Liz is ticked that Ellen was canceled, Kevin/Herc is worrying that if things keep going this way he won't be able to keep his identity a secret etc. When Tapert gets back to thinking about new scripts/stories.....they all stare at Kevin/Herc........for some more ideas, then he suggests other gods that actually care about humans...and therefore the Norse (Asgard)/Baldar storyline.

Melissa remarks it was almost like he was THERE the way he tells these which Kevin/Herc replies...'I read a lot'....Tapert decides they have enough material they should pack up and get back to work, when Sunny Day arrives with a gun and forces them into an old abandoned mine-cave.

Just then as they are about to get their heads blown off, Kevin/Herc thinks of yet another storyline, about the Dahak inhibiting Iolaus......first by asking who's the one who would be most unlikely to betray Hercules......they come up with.................Falafel...........which....isn't really what he had in mind (Iolaus...OF COURSE), just then Norma Bates storms in and Kevin/Herc takes this opportunity to grab Sunny Day's hand (holding the gun) but she shoots, but the bullet ricochets of boulders until it hits a beam and Kevin/Herc has to lift it up and support it with a log, while the others are dodging boulders (so nobody noticed 'Kevin's' superhuman strength'), Tapert then asks Sunny why and KEvin/Herc says 'allow me' and walks up to Sunny and pulls her mask off revealing none other than B.S. Hollinsfoffer, (meanwhile Norma has her under cuffs).

They ask how he knew and he says he first sensed something when he smelt something funny in the stew, so he broke the table so no one gets sick, then he heard a man's voice singing but only saw Sunny and then finally in the sweat lodge Norma sneakily slipped a note saying 'Sunny Day is B.S. Hollinsfoffer'. Then they ask who's Norma, who reveals herself as the security, she knew there was a traitor in the midst but could not yet pick it out. Ares then appears and says a few words, before ending with telling Hollinsfoffer that he will never work in that town again (just because he's always wanted to say that), after he leaves, Mellissa freaks out asking if she's the ONLY one who's bother that Ares, the god of war is REAL, which must mean there must be a real Hercules too......all eyes turn to Kevin/Herc but he quckly denies saying he's 'just an actor' and then looks at the camera and raises his eyebrows.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, some staff members were ridiculed, laughed at and generally made fools of during the production of this motion picture.

Background InformationEdit

  • Featured clips in order: "One Fowl Day", "Faith", "Resurrection", "Render Unto Caesar", "Norse By Norsevest", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge" and "Darkness Rising".
  • B.S. Hollinsfoffer openly mocks "Porkules", "One Fowl Day" and the fourth season to Rob Tapert.
  • This is Robert Trebor's final appearance on the series.
  • When he first appears, Ares is holding a Hercules action figure.
  • Not counting the clips, Iolaus does not appear in this episode.
  • When Rob proposes killing off Iolaus, he's telling Paul (played by Hurst, who plays Iolaus) to his face.
  • After Rob proposes the idea, Liz says they've done that "twice already." (Presumably, Hercules and the Amazon Women isn't counted because though Iolaus did die, he was saved by time travel as opposed to being resurrected.)
  • Kevin/Hercules let's it slip that "Iolaus lived to be a hundred years old." This slyly foreshadows the character's return in "Revelations".
  • The melodramatic unmasking of the villain, the group's shock and B.S. saying, "I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!" are all references to Hanna-Barbera's Scooby-Doo franchise.
  • This episode strongly implies that Dahak was the one aiding Loki in "Norse By Norsevest" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge", something that was also heavily implied but never directly confirmed in more serious episodes. 
  • One of B.S.'s demands to Rob is to "see Salmoneus in more episodes."
  • In this episode, it implies that Hercules may be immortal.
  • Norma Bates' appearances are accompanied by Hera's reconizable leitmotif, an obvious attempt at misdirection. 

Memorable QuotationsEdit

"I'm just an actor."

Kevin Sorbo/Hercules

Rob: "Oh."
Liz: "My."
Jerry: [excitedly] "God!"
Melissa: "Of."
Paul: "War."

–After Ares reveals himself

"Sometimes I'm so brilliant it's frightening."
"Well, ya got it half right."

Rob Tapert and Melissa Blake

"Wherever there's television, there'll always be B.S.!"
"He's got that right."

B.S. Hollinsfoffer and Hercules

"Eeny… meeny… miny… die!"

Jerry Patrick Brown

"What about those cheesy blue screen effects? They look so fake."

Ares criticizes the series

"Ares, what do you want?"
"Merchandising rights."
"Get in line."
"I deserve some compensation for the weekly slander I have to endure."

Hercules and Ares

"Afraid she just hasn't been the same since Ginger Spice left the group."
"Dear God in Heaven, say it ain't so!"

Sunny Day and Jerry Patrick Brown

"And I've always wanted to say this, but… you will never work in this town again."


"Well, would you look at that?"
"This is where you get out." (kicks him out of the car)
"Hey! You son of a—!" (car horn)
"You should always wear your seatbelt."

Hercules and Ares while driving on the interstate

"Hey, Kevin, how do feel about wrestling Xena on pay-per-view?"

Rob Tapert

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