Flames of Brunhilda
Flames of Brunhilda
Gabrielle protected by the Flames of Brunhilda
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
First Appearance "The Ring"
Last Appearance "Return of the Valkyrie"
Location Eastwyn Bog, Norseland
Inhabitants Brunhilda, Gabrielle
The Flames of Brunhilda were the ever-lasting flames that surrounded Gabrielle, whilst she slept for one year and awaited Xena to return to her normal self and re-awaken her, After Xena had put on the ring and lost her memory. Brunhilda, a rogue Valkyrie, used one of Odin's runes to become an eternal flame, that only Gabrielle's soulmate could pass through - namely Xena. It was also created to protected the Ring, which was held by Gabrielle. This resulted in Brunhilda ceasing to exist.

Gabrielle and the flames were watched over by Beowulf, the noble warrior who had accompanied Xena in her quest to defeat the Valkyrie turned-creature, Grinhilda. He warned any warrior, who deamed themselves brave enough to take on the flames and re-awaken Gabrielle, that their attempts would only result in their deaths. He soon became sick of waiting around the flame for Xena to return, and went out to retrieve her and bring her there. After making an amnesiatic Xena realise who she was, she eventually returned and awoke Gabrielle, before returning Grinhilda to her normal form and returning the ring to the Rhien Maidens to keep safe.



Mentions and ReferencesEdit

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