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Farmer witness
Portrayed By Stephen Ure
Appearance HTLJ: "Hercules on Trial"

This Farmer testified against Hercules when the hero was being prosecuted by Spencius. His farm was being ravaged by a wild boar and he was waiting for Hercules to take care of the problem. However Hercules was too busy: A war had broken out in Arlis and there was a Hydra problem in Eubola. Spencius asked whether he was saying that Hercules had raised false hopes. The farmer responded in agreement and went on to say that Hercules could not get to him in time and that the wild boar tore up all his crops and him and destroyed his farm. Hercules responded that it was ridiculous as he had never even seen the man before. When Spencius asked if there was any lesson that he had learned from this, the farmer responded that Hercules could not be counted on and that he should have found a way to deal with the boar himself, instead of waiting for Hercules to show up.

It is implied that Spencius had coached him on the story and it may not have been truthful. Even if it was true, all it seemed to prove was the farmer was both stupid and lazy: Why had he been so stupid as to wait for someone else to come and take care of his problems instead of dealing with it himself? Hercules himself was busy at the time dealing with both a war and a Hydra problem. How had Hercules raised false hopes? If the wild boar had torn up him, how was he still alive? Hercules himself pointed out that he had never seen this man before. How did this prove Hercules could not be counted on? The farmer admitted himself he should have found a way to deal with the boar himself, instead of waiting for Hercules to show up.

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