Erythia in "Reunions"

Erythia is the mother of Iolaus with her late husband, Skouros. She later re-married the poet, Pandion.

Iolaus left home rather abruptly, leaving Erythia very upset. Ioalus didn't realize how it must have hurt her until seeing Ruff leave, which caused Iolaus to remark "Now I know how my mother must have felt when I left home." (Young Hercules: "A Serpent's Tooth")

After Alcmene's death and Hercules's ascension to Olympus, Iolaus went to visit his mother. Although thrilled herself, Pandion called Iolaus out on his treatment of her over the years, pointing out that someone shouldn't have do die for a mother to see her son. Their rift was somewhat healed by Iolaus's subsequent actions. (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: "Reunions")



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