Fire Enforcer
Portrayed By Cynthia Rothrock
Appearance "Not Fade Away"
Affiliations Hera
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Cause of Death Overheated
Killed By Hercules

The Fire Enforcer, also known as the Enforcer II, was created by Hera to defeat Hercules. She was made of fire and so was very difficult to defeat.


When the Enforcer was hunting for Hercules she came across Iolaus. When he refused to tell her where Hercules was, she beat him badly. Iolaus survived long enough to warn Hercules about her and then he died. Later, the Enforcer nearly killed Alcmene but the original Enforcer saved her. When Hercules finally defeated her, Hades brought Iolaus back to life.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Fire Enforcer was a magical being created by Hera's magic. As a result, she did not possess any of the weakness of other biological beings. She required no sleep, food, or drink, and had virtually unlimited endurance.

Like most magical beings, she possessed enhanced physical strength and speed, and was extremely resistant to bludgeoning attacks. Bladed weapons could cut and pierce her body, which would cause flames to spew from the wounds that she could turn on her enemies if she wished.

Unusually for an elementally-aligned being, the Fire Enforcer was susceptible to her own element. If her own flame, such at that released from an open wound, was forcibly focused back into her body, she would overheat and explode, losing her physical form and dying in the process.


The Fire Enforcer's excessive use of martial arts attacks come as little surprise to fans of her portraying actress, Cynthia Rothrock, a five-time world champion martial artist most well known for her many martial arts action movies in the 80s and 90s.