Girl-hag 02
Dryope, after being trapped by Janus
Portrayed By Simone Kessell (young)
Nell Weatherly (old)
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance Hercules and the Circle of Fire
Last Appearance The First Casualty
Gender Female
Race Dryad (nymph)
Also Known As Girl/Hag
Romances Cactus

Dryope was a nymph, self-proclaimed Queen of the Dryads, and follower of Hercules's exploits.

At one point, Dryope was a prisoner of the witch Janus. She was aged when Janus tapped into her life-force but reverted to her young self when Hercules killed Janus.[1]

Later, Dryope was involved with the god Pan and his attempted takeover of the villages of Mercantilius and Pastoralis.[2]



The "Girl/Hag", played by Nell Weatherly and Simone Kessell in Hercules and the Circle of Fire was unidentified in the film. She was identified as Dryope, a character in The First Casualty, when an archived image of the Girl/Hag was used to represent her on the cover.

  1. Hercules and the Circle of Fire
  2. The First Casualty

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