The Druids were a powerful sect who held sway over various spiritual and secular matters in Eire. Much like a god, each druid appeared to hold sway over some concept that the Celts held dear. Some of the Celtic Pantheon seemed to have opposed the power and rank of the druids, as Kernunnos attempted to destroy them. One possible way to become a druid was to kill one: when Morrigan killed the Druid of Justice, she was immediately (and involuntarily) inaugurated as the new one.

With the exception of Morrigan, the druids were slaughtered by Dahak shortly after Hercules saved the order from Kernunnos. Although Morrigan returned to Eire after the dark god was defeated, it is not known if she attempted to rebuild the order. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys


  • The Druids were priestly and educated castes of the Celts and Gauls. Powerful figures in the Celtic world, they served not only as religious leaders but also as teachers, lawyers (both judges and attorneys), advisers, soothsayers, healers, and poets. Archaeologists now believe that, much like the modern title "doctor", it was an umbrella term with many specializations. In the real world, they were not only found in Eire, but Britannia, Gaul, and parts of Germany and Iberia as well.
  • The powers that the druids of the Xenaverse commanded were quite impressive: it is possible that like Lao Ma, witches and shamans, they discovered sources of power other than the gods. On the other hand, their quasi-religious status and behavior might mean that the druids were gifted their powers by some benevolent Celtic god to whom Kernnunos was opposed.



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