Portrayed By Meighan Desmond
Series YH


First Appearance The Deliverer
Last Appearance Motherhood
Gender Female
Status Alive (HTLJ)/Deceased (XWP)
Residence Mount Olympus, Greece
Race Olympian, Greek God
Also Known As Goddess of Discord, Goddess of Retribution
Cause of Death Decapitated
Killed By Xena
Affiliations Ares, Olympian
Mother Hera
Father Zeus
Brother(s) Hephaestus, Apollo, Hermes (half), Hercules (half)
Sister(s) Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena (half), Persephone (half)
Son(s) Strife
Other Family Deimos (cousin), Ares (brother)
Eris or Discord is the goddess of chaos. She is Ares' twin sister and a daughter of Zeus and Hera and the mother of Strife. Discord often assists Ares in his plans against Hercules.

Being a lesser god, Discord never really became a big deal but as Goddess of Chaos did her job well. Also becoming a thorn in the side of Xena, Ares gave Discord a chance to be Goddess of Retribution after Nemesis, but she was given her original title back.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an Olympian Goddess, Discord possesses a range of powers like immortality, teleportation, fireballs, energy blasts, lightning bolts, shapeshifting, fire throwing,conjuration, and telekinesis. Her particular talent was being able to plant discord and hatred in the heart of mortals.

Immortality: Discord has the ability to live infinite life span as well as immunity to all sorts of diseases.

Invincibility: Discord is invincible to all sorts of weapons (swords,axes,crossbows), as well as all magical powers from the Gods; though these powers can hurt her, but not kill her.

Atmokinesis: All Olympians has the power to control the weather bring out storms, tornadoes, rains, and Lightning.

Healing: Discord has the ability to heal wounds, but cannot heal mortal wounds. Discord, as well as the rest of the Gods, has to be blessed by Zeus Himself or Athena's blessings to do so.

Teleportation: Discord has the ability to teleport to any place whatever she sees fit either on earth or Olympus.

Superhuman Strength: Discord's super strength can send people flying as well as lesser gods her strength equally as powerful as Aphrodite and inferior to that of Ares, Hercules, Athena, and Zeus.

Energy Blasts: Discord has the power to shoot powerful blue Energy blast capable of killing mortals and hurting Gods.

Time Manipulation: All Gods has the power to manipulate time by travel back and forward as well as freezing time itself but they need Zeus' consent first.

Invisibility: All Gods have the power to make themselves invisible to all mortals they cannot be seen or heard by them.

Portal creation: Discord has the power to create portals to other Dimensions as well as controlling the worlds she creates.

Conjuration: Discord has the the power to conjure anything he wants like objects and beings.

lightning: All Gods has the ability to shoot lightning capable of killing mortal to hurting other Gods

Shapeshifting: Discord has the ability to alter her appearance to take whatever form he likes whether mortals or monsters or Gods.

Pyrokinesis: Discord has the power to shoot powerful Fire balls from her hands capable of killing Mortals as well as hurting Gods.

Telekinesis: Discord has the power to move objects and beings with her mind.

Discord/hatred planting: Discord has the power to plant hatred & Discord inside Mortals hearts until they commit an act of violence.

Divine powers: Discord has show to possess Divine powers like:

  • Reality Warping: Discord has the power to control Reality being able to do almost anything she desires.


  • In 2005 a new planet was discovered just beyond Pluto. Scientists actually had considered naming the planet Xena and its neighboring moon Gabrielle, but instead settled on the name Eris ("discord" or "strife"). However the moon's official name became Dysnomia after Eris' daughter, the goddess of lawlessness - an indirect tribute to Lucy Lawless. Lawless personally thanked the astronomer responsible for this "senseless act of beauty."
  • Discordia is the Latin name of two Greek goddesses who embodied the concept of strife:
    • Eris is called a daughter of Nyx (Night) by Hesiod, but the daughter of Zeus and Hera by Homer.
    • Ate (pronounced ah-tee) is a daughter of Eris and Zeus and also called sister of Ares.
  • Although Discord sported a getup of leather straps and sheer fabric that showed off a lot of skin in Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, she was initially given a slightly more modest outfit of red-brown velvet for Young Hercules, probably since the show was targeted at a younger audience. In some episodes, she switches back to her original outfit, probably to accommodate production issues.