Dirce in "Hercules on Trial"
Portrayed By Lisa Chappell
Series HTLJ
First Appearance HTLJ "The King of Thieves"
Last Appearance HTLJ "Hercules on Trial"
Also Known As Princess of Cyros
Romances Iolaus
Affiliations Menelaus of Cyros
Dragon's Eye Ruby
Father King Menelaus

Dirce was the daughter of King Menelaus and princess of Cyros. She was an open-minded thinker who became a lawyer and convinced her father that the court system should have advocates for defense. When Iolaus was charged with stealing the Dragon's Eye Ruby, Dirce was appointed his defense attorney. While Hercules was searching for the actual thief (Autolycus), Dirce managed to stall the trial by putting Iolaus through the Erebus Test. Once Autolycus took responsibility for his theft, Iolaus was released and Dirce offered to help her father re-write the laws of Cyros to make them a little more concerned with justice than with tradition (HTLJ "The King of Thieves").

Dirce stopped on the road to Corinth to eat at Falafel's fast-food stand where she had a taco. Iolaus met her there when he was on the way to bring Iphicles to the wedding of Jason and Alcmene. She joined him on the journey despite her stomach problems from Falafel's food (HTLJ "The Wedding of Alcmene").

Dirce was called to Athens by Iolaus to be Hercules' defense lawyer when he was being prosecuted by Spencius (HTLJ "Hercules on Trial").


  • Dirce's name in Greek would be spelled Διρκη, possible a variant of Δικη (Dike), which means "justice". This is appropriate considering her strong belief in equitable, ethical and rational justice in law.



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