Derkus Petronicus
Derkus Petronicus
Portrayed By Jeremy Roberts
Series HTLJ
Romances Kara
Affiliations Kara, Older Boy, Sister
Son(s) Older Boy
Daughter(s) Sister
Other Family Kara (wife)

Derkus Petronicus or "Derk" assassinated a public official named Lycus in Sparta. According to Derk, Lycus had killed (presumably unfairly) the sons of a woman in Attica. He escaped only to have Hercules hunt him down. Hercules accompanied him on the prison ship Enyalios back to Sparta to ensure Derk would get a fair trial. En route, the ship capsized in a storm and Hercules and Derk were washed ashore on an island inhabited by deadly Sand Rays. They finally managed to escape on a pirate ship.

Arriving in Sparta, Derk was condemned to hang for his crime without a fair trial by Magistrate Marcus. Hercules did not believe this was a fair punishment, especially without a fair trial. He set Derk free and told him to go to his family.

Derkus Petronicus was married to a woman named Kara with whom he had three children, including Older Boy and Sister.



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