Deon the power
Portrayed By David Drew Gallagher
Romances Sirene
Mother Aphrodite
Father Jacobus
Brother(s) Cupid (Maternal Half)
Other Family Karis (Paternal Uncle)
Psyche (Sister-In-Law)
Bliss (Nephew)

Deon was the son of Aphrodite and Jacobus and half-brother of Cupid. Though his father did not tell him who his mother was until he was about 19 years old and started to develop god-like powers. Deon was able to order someone to do his bidding and they could not refuse. Usually, the person under his influence would come out of after a few minutes. When Deon used his ability on Salmoneus it only worked until Salmoneus got wet. Deon also attempted to use his powers on Hercules, but it failed to work because of Hercules' Olympian blood.

Deon's uncle was a bandit and tried to manipulate Deon into joining him. Eventually, with the help of Hercules, Deon realized this would be a mistake. He chose to stay in his village with his father and his girlfriend.


  • Deon never met his mother, brother, sister-in-law or nephew.
  • "Deon" is, in Greek, a variant of the word for "god", as well as an alternative name of Zeus. In some versions, Aphrodite's mother was a minor goddess named Dione.



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