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Deianeira of troy
Portrayed By Renee O'Connor
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Affiliations Blue Priest, Hercules, Ilus, Trojans, Waylin
Father Ilus

Deianeira was the lost princess of Troy. She was encountered by Hercules when Trojan runners came to seek his help after the people of Troy were banished from their city by Hera and her Blue Priest. Hercules rescued her from a group of villagers who were going to make her a virgin sacrifice to their water god.

Deianeira had been missing from Troy since childhood but when she returned to her city with Hercules, she was recognized by her father, King Ilus of Troy. After the death of King Ilus and the defeat of the Blue Cult, Deianeira became Queen of Troy.



  • Deianeira was played by Renee O'Connor who would later play the role of Gabrielle in Xena: Warrior Princess.
  • No explanation has ever been provided as to why this character's name is identical to that of Hercules's eventual wife. It is possible that the writers intended for Hercules to wed this Deianeira, but decided against it and rebooted the character.
  • Deianeira of Troy does not appear nor is she mentioned in Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts, a more traditional story of Troy. That episode features the end of the 10-year long Trojan War, which would have had to break out not long after the events of this motion picture.