Portrayed By Nick Kokotakis
Appearance "Chariots of War"
Affiliations Xena, Lykus, Sarita, Argolis
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Darius was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. When Xena saved his village from an attack, she was shot with an arrow and injured. He allowed her to take shelter in his home, until she had time to recover.

He was a simple farmer in his village. He had three children (Lykus, Sarita and Argolis) with his wife, who tragically died. His daughter, Sarita, hadn't spoken one word since she died. However, after Xena's stay in the house, the three children gained quite a bond with her, and Sarita eventually spoke after their time together. Despite many warnings about Xena's evil past and reputation, Darius insisted she stayed at his home until she was fully recovered. When Xena left, he and his children were saddened that shewas going as they had grown a bond with her.

He was played by Nick Kokotakis.

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