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Daphne highway to hades
Portrayed By Angela Gribben
Appearance HTLJ "Highway to Hades"
Affiliations Timuron

Daphne was the wife of Timuron. She worked as a maid for Queen Karis and King Sisyphus in Corinth. When Timuron was mistakenly killed and taken to the Underworld on their wedding night, Daphne was overcome by grief. Sisyphus had been told by the Oracle of Delphi that Daphne could bear his child. Daphne turned down the King's advances and attempted to kill herself by throwing herself off a castle tower so she could be reunited with Timuron. Hercules stopped her and once the hero had taken Sisyphus to the Underworld, he arranged for Timuron to have 24 hours of life so he could properly say goodbye to Daphne.


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