Dagger of Helios
Dagger of Helios
Dagger of Helios quest
Top: The dagger in "Seeds of Faith"
Bottom: The dagger in "The Quest"
Owner(s) Helios
Type Weapon
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
First Appearance "The Quest"
Last Appearance "Seeds of Faith"
The Dagger of Helios was one of the few items that could kill a God. Autolycus stole the dagger in order to retrieve the Ambrosia and revive Xena. Later, Callisto took Xena to the location of the dagger, so that she could use it to kill Ares. After she saw Eli in the reflection of the blade, Xena stopped herself and Ares destroyed the dagger.


Xena: Warrior PrincessEdit

  1. "The Quest"
  2. "Seeds of Faith"

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