Cyane, the Queen of the Telaquire Amazon tribe during Young Hercules, who was also in love with the teenage Hercules and shared a kiss with him but nothing came of it.

Originally nomadic, the Telaquire Amazons settled lands about a day-and-a-half from Corinth, across the river from a kinrah of Centaurs. (YH: Battle Lines: Part 1)

This tribe becomes allies of a teenage Hercules and it's Queen was Cyane, who became a love interest to young Hercules. Unfortunately, the Amazons were occasionally made pawns by the Gods such as Ares, usually in order to kill Hercules. She was portrayed by Katrina Browne.

Name Cyane


  • Actual blood relations to Cyane are never mentioned in the series. The women of her tribe, though, refer to each other as 'sisters'.




Television TropesEdit


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