Cyane II
Portrayed By Shelley Edwards
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Only Appearance Kindred Spirits
Gender Female
Status Dead
Residence Northern Amazon tribe, Siberia
Race Amazon
Affiliations Xena, Gabrielle
Other Family Cyane I

Cyane, was a member of the Northern Amazon tribe in Xena: Warrior Princess.


After Yakut, the Queen and head shamaness was killed in battle, she took the name of the traditional amazon leader, Cyane, and became queen. However, Gabrielle, and Xena arrived in order for Gabrielle to give Xena's newborn baby, Eve, her Right of Caste (she was already the rightful queen of the Telaquire Amazon tribe) and Gabrielle had to take the place of the queen of the Northern tribe. Though not blunt and disrespectful about it, Cyane wasn't too happy with the idea and would clash with Gabrielle when it came to traditional Amazon law. However, Xena and Gabrielle showed her that laws can evolve with time. Gabrielle then left Cyane as the queen of the tribe. 25 years later, Gabrielle and Xena discovered from Cyane III that she was killed in war against the bloodthirsty cannibal tribe, exact when it happen is unknown.



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