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Cyane (Utma)
Portrayed By Selma Blair
First Appearance Amazon High
Last Appearance XWP "Lifeblood"
Gender Female
Race Mortal
Also Known As Utma
Romances Kor
Affiliations Tretomlec

Cyane was a high school student from 1990s Los Angeles. By an unknown magic, she was taken back in time to pre-history where she was adopted by the Tretomlec tribe who referred to her as the Utma. She befriended a girl called Olan and taught the Tretomlec women how to ride horses.

Cyane referred to the Tretomlec as Amazons and was thus the originator of the Amazon Nation. Throughout history, the name Cyane was often taken by Amazon queens in her honour. It is unknown if she ever returned to her own time, or if she remained with the Amazons.