The Cult of Dahak
Dahak's Cult
Dahak's Cult in "The Deliverer"
Also Known As Dahak's Cult
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Type Faction
Character(s) Involved Disciples of Dahak, Hope, Dahak, Seraphin, Callisto, Ares, Krafstar, Meridian, "The Betrayer," the Destroyer
Deaths Hope, The Destroyer, Callisto

The Cult of Dahak was a religious faction, led by the evil god Dahak and his Demi-god daughter, Hope. Dahak and his followers were on a mission to take over Earth, in order to use the planet as their homeland.

His cult began with a few followers meeting in a castle in Britannia. Dahak sent his deliverer, Krafstar, to seduce Gabrielle and bring her into a meeting of the cult, where she was forced to kill and subsequently impregnated with Dahak's child, Hope. This child would grow to build antagonistic relationships with Xena and Callisto, after allying with the latter. She would also go on to have a child with Ares, known as the Destroyer. After Xena and Gabrielle (with help from Callisto and Joxer) attempt to stop Dahak, they kill Hope and the Destroyer.

However, Dahak lived on and continued to tempt mortals into helping him enter the world. King Gilgamesh of Sumeria became a secret follower of Dahak and helped him by weakening the Sumerian Gods by destroying the Chalice of the Gods. Gilgamesh then killed Iolaus as the sacrifice of a "Warrior Heart" Dahak required to enter the world. In turn, Gilgamesh was killed by Hercules (HTLJ "Faith").

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