Cradus during the jewel heist
Portrayed By Marek Sumich
Toi Iti
Series Young Hercules
First Appearance Young Hercules
Last Appearance "Herc and Seek"
Gender Male
Status Alive (imprisoned)
Residence Corinth
Race Human (mortal)
Affiliations Loax Gang

Cradus was the leader of the Loax Gang and friend of Iolaus. He taught Iolaus how to become a thief. He helped Iolaus rob a jeweler by pretending to stab him with a knife.[1]

He later attempted to rob the Academy of tuition money, but was arrested by Magistrate Tarus.[2]


Cradus appeared in two episodes, played by different actors. As "Knifer/Cradus" he was portrayed by Marek Sumich in the Young Hercules film. Toi Iti portrayed Cradus in an expanded role in YH: "Herc and Seek".


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  2. YH: "Herc and Seek"

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